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Summer Enrichment Programs

We offer all of our reading, writing, and math programs over the summer.  It is the perfect time to get caught up or to get prepared for next year because homework is not there to distract students from working on fixing weak skill areas and study habits in their academics. 
We have current Common Core math textbooks, so we can give diagnostic tests to see what skills may have been forgotten that are holding students back from their potential.  Also, we can look ahead and prepare students for the next year. Imagine your elementary school student feeling confident to enter middle school or your middle school student having not fear to begin high school.  What a relief!

Student walk into their next classes the first day feeling fully capable of the getting the high grade that used to be out of reach.

Reading and Writing

We can combine our reading and writing programs into a Common Core comprehensive program that utilizes texts to teach reading analysis. Plus, writing assignments are matched with the reading program. Grammar and punctuation are taught simultaneously.         

Again, summer is a perfect time to focus on reading and writing skills that take time to perfect and that are so needed in middle school and high school.

Don't forget the SAT and ACT.  They are very difficult tests, and it takes time to perfect the skills needed for that high score.  Summer is a perfect time to focus on these extremely important tests!
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