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Quotes from Happy Parents

Nancy, the mother of a 6th grade 
Valley View student
"In the past year we have seen for ourselves that the extra tutoring our son is getting has proven to be a very effective way to supplement his understanding of math and language arts. He is given the opportunity to clarify concepts, review notes and readings, and check his understanding before a test. He also gets assistance with homework questions, and they make sure he is keeping up with the class. The Tutoring Team has access to his school's curriculm, so he is being taught the material he is required to learn. We are so excited to have finally found Sherrie and her staff!!"

Phillip. the father of a Rocklin High School student
"I just wanted to take a moment and share with you something that my wife and I have been observing. We both know about my son's challenges, but he is starting to learn with more confidence each day. He is typically uncomfortable with instruction, finding it difficult to be engaged when he doesn't understand the material. He is showing signs of confidence, and he was happy yesterday and very proud of himself after a very successful tutoring session. My wife and I just wanted to give the two of you some kudos for the short amount of time you have worked with him. He is changing every day, and we couldn't be more happy. He is so happy to be passing all of his classes with all A's and B's. Thank you!!"

Angela, the mother of Granite Oaks and Rocklin High School students
"My children have been going to Tutoring Team for over 5 years. The tutors' knowledge of the local grammar, middle, and high school teachers' nuances and educational expectations have significantly reduced the daily homework stress. My high school student was behind in chemistry, and in one session the science/math tutor was quickly able to see what pieces of understanding were missing and helped fill in the blanks. I cannot express how much my children have been helped both with homework anxiety and completion. Our family highly recommends Rocklin's Tutoring Team and considers them family."

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