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Our Tutors

Sherrie Thompson
I have a degree in English literature and composition from Sacramento State University and a teaching credential from Washington Academy of Languages. I have been tutoring professionally for about 15 years, and I have happily owned this business for eight years. My expertise is language arts for 6th grade through high school and college students. I skillfully teach grammar, punctuation, literature, writing, French, and ESL. 

I am committed to our local communities. My son was proud to be part of  Rocklin High School's graduating class of 2017. Additionally, I volunteered for years to teach a fundraising French Club for local elementary schools. I also volunteered to tutor weekly in the AVID program at Granite Oaks Middle School, and I still assist with their yearly spelling bee. I regularly support Rocklin High School and Whitney High School. Consequently, I have an understanding and a commitment to Rocklin and to the other local communities. I live in Rocklin, I was raised in Granite Bay, and I have lived in Roseville and in Lincoln.  Welcome to local, personal, and professional service!!

Tyler Hall

Tyler has a degree in history and a minor in economics. He is very capable of teaching difficult concepts to our 3rd grade through middle school and high school students. He expertly teaches multiple subjects, like history, math, statistics, writing, reading, and Spanish. He skillfully shares his knowledge with students as he helps discouraged students find their motivation to do better. Because of his fun, friendly, and encouraging nature, he is a very popular tutor on our team!


 Chris McKenzie     
Chris is very versatile; he can teach all levels of math, plus biology, physics, and chemistry, so he works with our 6th graders through high school and college students. He has tutored all through college, so he has learned to tutor in many different ways until he finds the way that clicks for his students. His enthusiasm for tutoring and for his subject material is catching. His students find themselves enjoying themselves once the material that was once so confusing becomes clear. Our students are so grateful that he has joined our team.

Julie Leach
Julie Leach has been teaching for 20+ years in a variety of environments. With certifications in elementary and special education, she enjoys the challenge of discovering a child's strengths to improve their weaknesses, mainly K-6th grade. In addition to teaching, Julie is a sanctioned practitioner and trainer for the international brain/body program, Bal-A-Vix-X. 
Incorporating Balance/Auditory/Vision exercises, which are deeply rooted in rhythm, she is able to integrate the left and right sides of the brain. These exercises create new pathways to make learning more enjoyable and less stressful, particularly for students struggle with ADHD and anxiety. Her skills are not found at any other tutoring center. We feel privileged that she shares her talents here with our students.

Cathy Stilwell
Cathy is an independent contractor working out of our facility here. She teaches students (ages 5 through 9) kindergarten through 3rd graders on a one and one basis using Common Core materials and her SIPPS program, which stands for Systematic Instruction in Phoneme Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words. She has provided 20 years of reading intervention as a para-educator for the Loomis Union School District. Through the years she has generated trust and promoted confidence while a child faces the challenges that requires tutoring and support. Her
understanding, kindness, and encouragement fuels a child's curiosity and eagerness to learn.
Her availability is Tuesdays, Wednesday, and Thursdays 3:30-5:30 during the school year and during the summer Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays (9:00 - 12:00).
She works independently from 
Rocklin's Tutoring Team.
Please contact her at 916-316-2906 for more information.

 Tamara Richey   
Tamara is an independent contractor at Rocklin's Tutoring Team available Fridays and Saturdays by appointment. She brings 20 years of experience working with children as a K-8 Credentialed Teacher and Certificated Expressive Arts Counselor. She is the owner of Support4soul, a counseling practice in Roseville and speaks locally on Brain-Based Learning and various ED topic. She offers support for the sensitive, hesitant, and struggling learner, particularly students that suffer from learning disabilities. These students would benefit from her Multi-Sensory Approach to learning. Through her one-on-one sessions, students prep the body and the mind for learning success. You can reach her at 916-952-1595 and 

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